Monday, September 30, 2013

Scrappy Trails

It used to be that as I sewed I would throw away any piece of fabric that was too small for the project I was working on. Or if I had finished the project anything less than a six inch strip went in the garbage. I shudder at the thought of how much fabric and money I wasted before I knew any better. Ever since the day I realized what I was wasting I started keeping scraps from a two inch square on up.

At first I started throwing these scraps in with the rest of my stash. I soon found out what a horrible idea that was. I can’t say how disappointing it is to think I’ve found the perfect piece of fabric to find it’s only a two inch square. So, I started a separate bin for scraps. It started small at first but the small clear plastic box was quickly overwhelmed and I realized I needed some sort of organization to the chaos. So, I began to research “the best” way to sort my scraps. I figured it would be better to use up the scraps and start fresh.

I had never really made a scrappy quilt before, but I was inspired by the Quiltville blog and seeing all of her fabulous scrappy quilts. I decided to take a chance and clear out most of my scrap collection then start my scrap storage system with “new” scraps. I also ended up collecting scraps from friends to add variety to the quilt I was making.

At the time I was also working on the Amish quilt and felt that the scrap quilt was a perfect project to be working on. There couldn’t be a better contrast to the strict regulation of an Amish quilt than the freewheelin’, whatever goes, of a scrap quilt. It’s been fun to seesaw between the two quilt types.

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