Monday, October 14, 2013

Vintage Inspiration

As much as I love modern patterns and design, I’m also really drawn to vintage reproduction fabrics. There’s something about them that attracts me and makes me wonder what they would have been used for in the era they were designed. I admit I have a reluctance to buy them as they typically don’t “go with” many of the quilt patterns that I like to make or the fabric store will not have enough variety for on project.

A week or so ago I was digging through my stash looking for a fabric for another project and discovered a scrap bag of vintage 1930’s era reproduction fabric. I pulled out the bag to look at after I was done with what I was working on. The bag had 9 different fabrics that looked they were end of bolt cuts (on edge was uneven) , ranging from 6” by 22” to 17” by 22”. At the time I was enjoying looking at the fabrics  but I was a bit stymied as what to do with them.
Some of the reproduction fabrics.

I remembered a quilting book that I had just acquired called Three Times the Charm by Me and My Sister Designs. The patterns are primarily geared toward charm packs, but nothing says I couldn’t just cut the fabric strips to size. So I did just that, I cut down the fabric to 5” squares - enough to produce two more rows than the pattern called for (the pattern makes a 30” by 30” quilt finished, and to me that’s too small for anything other than a wall hanging). I could have likely finished the quilt top in one day given the opportunity, but life with a toddler doesn’t allow for such graces. I was able to finish it in about 4 two hour stretches. It turned out to be a quick, sweet little pattern.

The finished quilt top is 36" by 36"

It’s nice to have a project finished fast - it reassures me that my projects don’t always have to be a huge and time consuming undertaking.

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