Monday, November 25, 2013

A Crafty Christmas

I'm going to diverge from my typical topic. This, and likely the following posts through the holiday will be about the gifts that I'm creating. I'm planning to make most of my gifts for people this year. Well, the women folk anyway. I have a hard enough time BUYing things for the men in my life let alone making something for them... and there's only so many quilts you can make for one person.

 I'll start with one of the gifts I am making for my little girl. This is a fun rehash of a doll I made for my niece years and years ago. I purchased the PDF pattern from MMMcrafts which you'll still find in their Etsy shop here: Katy Kitty Doll PDF pattern by MMMCrafts.  Below is a picture in it's beginning stages:

The solid purple body parts are flannel which I prewashed/shrank. The face, eyes, and soon other decorative parts are felt which I will embroider (to the best of my ability). The clothing is scrap quilting cotton. She'll have a little skirt too.
There's a lot more handwork on this project than I'm used to, but I find myself completing these portions out of my creative haven - either in front of the TV or on my lunch break at the J-O-B.

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  1. What a great start! She looks so cute already. Love the purples! Thanks for the shout out about the pattern! Have a lovely crafty Thanksgiving!