Monday, November 18, 2013

Charmed, Still

This is a continuation of the "Charmed, I'm Sure" charm pack quilt that I posted last week. You can find it here:
 We left off with having completed one set of 4 squares with sashing:
Continue sewing sets of these together until you have six sets. The idea of this is that you have fewer seams to match.

It's kind of hard to tell, thanks to my lack of photography skills, but the top is broken into two parts. The top half and bottom half each have (from left to right) two sets of two of two squares across and three down, and one set of three squares by three squares.
 If you haven't noticed by now, it'll be really easy to accidentally mix up your carefully randomized squares. I recommend only taking one set at a time or putting some other system in place so you don't have to rip out seams and remember where things went.
Next sew each set of two by three to it's neighbor so you'll have two sets of four by three squares and two sets of three by three.

Then you put the top sets with the bottom sets to make two halves.

Put your two halves together, making sure to carefully match the post and sashing.
I thought it was still a little plain so I added borders with my extra yardage. The inner border is 1 1/2" finished and the outer border is 2 1/2" finished with 4" squares at the corners. If this is your first quilt, I recommend doing a simple one strip border sewn on each side..
Ta-da, you have a quilt top!

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