Monday, November 4, 2013

Quilting With Pre-Cuts

I’ll be honest, until recently I thought pre-cuts were silly. I thought they were limiting and expensive. I hadn’t purchased any pre-cuts except for the occasional fat quarter and fiercely resisted the thought that a pre-cut might be a good idea. In fact, I scoffed at it. But, I kept coming across all of these great pattern books that called for a charm pack or a jelly roll and I thought to myself, it can’t be that bad. Then I did the math: in one charm pack you have 40 different 5” squares of fabric for the price of one yard of designer fabric. With a Jelly Roll you get 40 2.5” strips of fabric for the price of three yards of fabric. For me, the clincher was knowing the variety I would get in one of the pre-cut packs. I wouldn’t have to stand in the fabric store for an hour or more trying to coordinate 30 different fabrics to only get a ¼ yard of each then only use one or two 5” squares. And unless you have access to a full line of a fabric, it’s nearly impossible to find all of one line in the same place. Yes, it is possible to do a stash buster or a scrappy quilt with these patterns, but sometimes that’s not an option.

So, I’m endeavoring on my first two pre-cut quilt projects, both with Christmas collections. One using a charm pack, Moda’s Countdown to Christmas:

I’m regretting only getting one charm pack as it will make a smaller quilt than I had anticipated, it will require a bit more creativity from me... but that’s half the fun! I also purchased one using a jelly roll, Kate Spain’s In From the Cold:

 I’m looking forward to being able to “throw together” a quilt quickly. Hopefully I'll be able to share progress next week.

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