Monday, December 2, 2013

All Mixed Up

As Thanksgiving day approached and the days off of work teased me with possibility, I put the last few stitches on Miss Kitty. I had a scary moment when I got everything but one arm stuffed and realized there wasn't enough... so I improvised. I used some small scraps (1" or less) I had in my cast off pile mixed with the little stuffing I had left and voila! It's a little lumpy but a 22 month old likely won't notice.
Isn't Miss Kitty cute? I embroidered rosettes instead of buttons on her lapel to be more little kid friendly.
My next endeavor after waking from my turkey coma was to try out recipes from a book I discovered: EcoBeauty by Lauren Cox. I had a light bulb moment when I saw it on the shelf at Powell's and thought it would be a great way for me to treat my lady friends for Christmas. My first step was to make liquid soap. No, I couldn't use dish or hand soap. In the book it easily lays out to grate some bar soap and mix equal parts soap with water. 
I don't know what happened, but I ended up with a jar of liquid soap that was the consistency of mucous.

I'm nothing if not persistent. I thought to myself, ok, I just got the ratio off and I only need a 1/2 cup for this bath salt recipe. So I took a tablespoon of what was in the jar and got it down to about what liquid soap should be like, added a little blue food coloring for fun and mixed the batch of "Bubbly Bath Salts".
As you can see, what I ended up with was rock salt with clumps of blue soap in it.
Next endeavor: Lip balm! This went a lot more... smoothly. The small batch I think helped the most. I ended up with yummy chocolate and vanilla tubes to share with my friends. I was silly and didn't take pictures though.
I've got to finish the charm quilt and make a few other gifts... I think I'm right on schedule for gift giving. I must be in another dimension, this NEVER happens!

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