Monday, December 30, 2013

In From the Cold

I'm sad because we're taking down Christmas décor. There's a naked tree in the corner and it's making our living room darker. Call it the post holiday let down if you like, but I'm not ready to let Christmas go, just yet.

I was lamenting to myself the other day that with me making the majority of gifts this year the holiday quilt for our home got put on the back burner so everything else could get done. First thing in the morning on 12/27 I walked into my sewing room, as is my habit, and I wondered what to do with myself. I'd had a list of things that needed to be done for Christmas and now I could chart my own course. It was then that I remembered the jelly roll I had purchased at the start of November: Kate Spain’s In From the Cold.

Enjoy a look at each of the fabrics in the line.
I also remembered that I had discovered a pattern designer around the same time and purchased a Pattern by Sweet Jane: A Good Day for this purpose. I had been looking forward to trying out one of her patterns for a while (I also purchased her book and two other patterns from her Etsy shop. Can you tell I was a bit excited?)
Also, it gave me an excuse to play with my new toy:

Meet my Brother NX570Q

I've just started cutting the pieces for the Good Day quilt, but I've got 360 days to finish it.

Next week's blog post will be tardy due to me traveling. Hopefully you can stand the anticipation.

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