Monday, December 23, 2013

UFO Round Up, Part 1

I am happy to report that I will be going into the new year with no unfinished projects! Well, at least non that were started before December of this year...

This is the infamous baby quilt that had been hanging out in my craft closet for, well, way too long. Especially now that the baby that I made it for is now 18 months old. I love how this turned out. I found the fairy tale print fabric on clearance at one of my favorite fabric store haunts along with the coordinating repeating print.
It's girly but not TOO girly, right? I can imagine a little girl making up stories to go along with each picture or have the quilt as a starting point for a parent to tell her stories.
Here's a close up of two of my favorite squares. And yes, I did trace quilting on each block. And yes, I now know what the benefit of a knee lift would be.

Rapunzel with her long flowing mane ending at her captive tower.

The frog prince waiting for his kiss. Have to say, I love his wry little smile.

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