Monday, December 9, 2013

Whipping Up Trouble

I have terribly dry hands in the cold weather time and I've been dying to try out the hand lotion recipes from the EcoBeauty book I mentioned last week. I admit, I went a little crazy buying supplies when I got the book - Almond oil, cocoa butter, not to mention the 3 lbs. of raw Shea butter... So what's a girl going to do? Whip up something good.
The first lotion I made was the Shea Lotion which is predominately almond oil with some Shea butter and water. It was indeed a lotion-y consistency. I'm not sure how I feel about it though, it's a little watery for my liking but it certainly moisturizes, but it isn't a long term result. I used it the next day and it made my legs super soft. I kept using it on my hands at my desk and it felt like I needed to reapply for the desired effect. I will admit though, last week was extremely dry weather and that may have exacerbated my own dry skin.
Wanting something that used more of my abundant supply of Shea butter (what can I say, I got a really good deal!) I started searching the web and came across Wellness Mama: Whipped Body Butter. This recipe has equal parts Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil, and Coconut Oil.

Foamy and smooth after a 10 minute whipping. Makes me glad for my stand mixer!
Coming out of the bowl I knew I was going to like this mixture better. It has a richer texture more like a cream but not too dense like a store bought body butter. Made me feel better about putting them in these decorative "canning" jars for gifting since I discovered they didn't have a liquid tight seal.

Lovely little peaks of whipped body butter.
What's interesting about this mixture is that it's solid at room temp but as soon as it touches skin it starts to melt. I've only done test patches of this  but this stuff makes my hands go "ahhhhh".
Off to more holiday crafting madness...

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