Monday, February 3, 2014

A trip down memory lane

One thing I love about having been quilting for a long time is all of the memories in the form of fabric scraps in my stash. As the history of the things I have made grows, so does the collection of scraps. I think that may be (another) part of the reason that I enjoy crazy quilts so much is I get to go through my scraps and experience a bit if nostalgia. I remember the quilts I've made and given away.

As I was finishing up another Franken-pillow, I was trying to decide on what fabric to use for the back. I initially was going to use a solid piece of fabric, but decided that that didn't fit the "theme" as well as a pieced back would. I dug into one of my bins of fabric from my first years as a "serious quilter". What discovered took my breath away for a moment because the fabric I found had so many memories tied to it that I was caught off guard. I'll be honest, I've dug past this fabric before, I've even used it in other quilting projects before but I found a completed leftover block.

This four-leaf-clover with lady bug print I bought to make my uncle a quilt when he first started going through treatment for cancer in 2004. He died in 2009 and his wife died in 2012, they didn't have any children so I have no idea where the quilt ended up. I feel like in a way these blocks and this fabric is a way of remembering him every time I use it.

There is one thing I do now with every quilt I make that I didn't then, and that's label it. I am very happy that my new sewing machine has the ability to do lettering so I can do things like this:

That way if the original owner is lost there is still memory of who made it and when.

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