Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Terrific Triangles

Sorry for the late post, I had hoped to share pictures of the fun decorations from Little Girl's 2nd birthday party, but it turns out no one took a picture of them. I was running around crazily trying to get things taken care of and didn't think of it until we were all packed up to head home. Oh well. I plan to re-install them in her room at home so I will share them after that.

Time for the next installment from my quilting class. This past Friday we worked on an old favorite of mine: Nine Patch. I am truly loving the Nine Patch with the ombre batiks, even if there are blocks of the same color the variation of the dye process makes each unique. 

9" Nine Patch

We were supposed to make eight total nine patch blocks for the quilt, but being the over achiever that I am (hahaha) I decided to do twelve. No I'm not just making the extras for the fun of it. The finished sample quilt has 9" black squares in the corners and I wasn't too keen on that, so I did a little extra work hopefully it will pay off. I know my new pressing technique already is!

Next is the part of the class that I had simultaneously been looking forward to and dreading: triangles. Triangles are an aspect of quilting that I'd been trying (unsuccessfully) to avoid. I've never been any "good" with them and they never seemed to line up in a way that I was satisfied with. Enter the Flying Geese quilt block. The first help to me is that these triangles are rather large so it's easier to see if points are lined up or not (7 1/2" triangle). 
Two halves of a Flying Geese block

I'm still trying to decide on color arrangement that's why the two halves aren't paired. I've also got to trim all the little "ears" off of the other squares. Still loving the ombre batiks, both of those triangles are cut from the orange piece!

This Friday I get to look forward to a block I haven't tried before: Jewel Box. A lot more triangles in that one, wish me luck!

Is there an aspect of your favorite craft that you avoid because its "too hard"?

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