Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter Wonderland

It snowed for three days here in Portland which tends to  everything down because A) it's not normal to get ANY snow and B) the city doesn't have the equipment to deal with it. So we've been on house arrest since Thursday. Today they're predicting freezing rain on top of it all.  

Looking out my front window. 
Hubby asked if we should listen to Christmas music, I threw a shoe at him.

But you know what they say, you gotta make lemons outta lemonade.... or something more wintry... snow day equals sew day!

So with me, hubby and baby girl stuck inside for going on five days now I've been quite the domestic diva. Of course I've been sewing like crazy, but I'll get to that later, I have been making magic in the kitchen. This isn't a cooking blog, so I won't dwell on it, but wow what I little time and effort can produce!

I made a half mile trek in the snow to the grocery store to acquire a whole chicken. (It felt like it was up hill both ways, but hubby assured me it was not.) I found a recipe for herb rubbed chicken on Better Homes and Gardens which baked in the oven for a little over two hours. Man, that chicken was PERFECT and I didn't have to do much to it once it was in the oven. Last night I used what was left of the chicken and made pot pie, including the crust from scratch. Ok, I'll admit I made the pie crust a week ago and it's been in the freezer. The recipe is Perfect Pie Crust from the Pioneer Woman.

As far as sewing is concerned,  I got half a dozen block made for the quilt I'm calling "No Place Like the Nest", including one that I sewed backwards. OOPS... I think they're beautiful so far.

"No Place Like Home" blocks using "Nest" fabric collection.

I got a little bored slash side tracked with that project when I started poking around on Pinterest.  I was inspired to make my own grocery bags. However, after poking around for a free pattern or tutorial that I liked with no luck. I ended up making my own. 

I'm going to put them into practical use on our next grocery trip (whenever we dig out), likely make some adjustments, and then hopefully post a tutorial next week.

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