Monday, March 10, 2014


Making stuffed animals wasn't something I had really done before. My sewn creations usually were 2D and flat. But as they say, addiction starts somewhere. When I made Katy Kitty for my little girl for Christmas it inspired me to create more snuggley creatures for my friends' kids. So I took to Pinterest (another addiction) to find some free patterns to get started on. 

The first challenge was a stuffed elephant for a little girl who was born around the same time as an elephant baby at the Portland Zoo. I wasn't able to find a free pattern that I really liked the look of so I ended up modifying one. The pattern I used was for a kids heating pad (aka flat) from the Riley Blake Website for Layla the Elephant. Here's how she turned out:

Made of pink fleece with quilting cotton for the inside of the ears, felt and buttons for the eyes. At one point I had to use the walking foot on my sewing machine to sew three layers of fleece together, talk about bulky!

Is it me or does the elephant look a little frightened? Maybe some eyebrows or eyelashes would have resolved that issue...

Ok, I have to show off the elephant's butt here, because this is part of where my creativity came in. Elephant needed a tail and making it of fleece didn't seem right. Using ribbon like the pattern suggested wasn't a good option either. I ended up using pearled cotton in a braid for the tail with a little bow at the end. We'll see how long that lasts with a 2 year-old, but I think it is quite cute!

Next came a sea turtle for a 1 year old boy. This pattern was fairly straight forward an uncomplicated from Positively Splendid. It did challenge my embroidery skills a bit, but I think he's quite cute. 

He didn't use much fabric either half a fat quarter for the shell, and another for the belly and fins, then scraps for the head and tail. 

Look at his sweet little face. I admit, I kind of love him.

Another friend's little boy is turning 1 at the end of March and I'm torn between making him a bear or a monkey. 

What was your favorite stuffed animal growing up? 

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