Thursday, March 20, 2014

Vintage Finish

After sitting in the closet for 6 months my vintage reproduction quilt top was finally finished. It was given some urgency recently as the deadline for donating to a charity auction drew nearer and the quilt I had intended to donate was not in state anywhere close to being ready. So, I pulled it out of storage and, with some trouble, found a backing fabric and got to work.

I ended up doing machine binding (I know I said I wouldn't do it on a larger scale project, but I wanted to save some time and I figured the practice couldn't hurt) after doing trace quilting inside of each of the squares.

A quick view of the back. It's close enough to being "vintage" that no one would likely take a second look unless they were an expert. I nearly went with a solid color before I happened on this print.

A close up of the machine quilting I did. I have to admit, I love all of the fabrics in this little quilt for different reasons, but I especially love the little boy with a kite. 

The little 36" square quilt was donated this morning. I wasn't going to put my label on it at first because I thought whoever buys it at the auction isn't going to care who made it. This is such a contrast to my normal soapbox of "every quilt must be labeled" that when I was talking to my mom about it she looked at me with shock and reminded me that it is art and art must be signed! This was reinforced by the person running the auction I was donating to. Glad I tacked on my label at the last minute. Now all that's left is to wait and see how much it goes for at the auction on 4/6. 

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