Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Changing Pad

A friend of mine is pregnant with her first baby and her baby shower was the last weekend in March, and you know me, I wanted to make her something. Now that I've had the benefit of having a child I started thinking about the things that made my life easier. I thought about the changing mat that came with the diaper bag we had registered for and how nice it was to have that. I am not a fan of putting the kiddo straight onto the public changing station. I also liked that I could easily clean it. I also considered the things I didn't like about that changing pad: 1) It's covered with a thin layer of clear plastic vinyl that started cracking and ripping after a little while and 2) it's really short. Little Girl was hanging off of it after 6 months.

So I started prowling the internet and found two patterns that I really liked this "diaper clutch" and this "sushi roll changing mat" and made a hybrid of the two with my own alterations. I liked the fold away aspect of the clutch making it easier to stash in a large tote or backpack. I also liked that you could put just what you needed in there to have it easily at hand. With the sushi roll I liked the extra cushion of the batting layer making it a little more comfortable experience for the baby. 

Folded away. Closure is a piece of 1/4" elastic and a large button.

I used PUL (the fabric they use for the outside of cloth diapers) for the changing mat side, it's a lot softer and easier to wash than straight laminate. I used quilting cotton for the outside, and a layer of cotton batting in the middle. 

The PUL has owl's saying "Whoooo's Cute?"

I used the width of the backing fabric for the length of the changing pad and folded the pocket up from bottom about 10". I also quilted the three layers together so there shouldn't be any weird shifting after it gets washed & dried. And that's the best part, it can be machine washed!

Just enough space for a few diapers and a travel pack of wipes.

What item can you not live without when you're out and about with baby?


  1. So cute! I have way too many comical stories because I wasn't prepared or forgot an item! Ohh...the things we do when we're in a bind-LOL!