Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Small Projects

I'm still trying to clean up my sewing room. I've been having a hard time avoiding the distractions that are inherent in trying to control creative chaos. This means lots of quick little projects to try to keep me in line. My main goal is still trying to cut my scraps into uniform sizes. I've made progress, but it still seems like there are SO MANY that even after the time that I've put into it there is still a lot of work to do. Eventually I'll be caught up and hopefully I'll stay that way. 

My 2.5" squares box was starting to get a little full so I started sewing them together in sets of 4. That night I was over at my parents' house with Hubby watching my little girl play with one of my old dolls in a wooden cradle. The blanket that accompanied that little bed was horribly '80s. And girly. Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm not a fan of pink or "girly" things. So I decided to fashion the 2.5" squares into a scrappy doll quilt.

Unfinished doll quilt, about 18" x 22"

I decided to tie it instead of machine quilting it because I used a really high loft polyester batting and I hate putting that stuff through my machine. I finished tying it last night and I'll probably machine bind it later this week. 

I'd been courting the idea of making myself a new pincushion. I'd been prowling the internet for fun and interesting designs and came across a quilt guild website that linked to a bunch of patterns for an exchange. I wish I remembered that website, I would share it with you!

I made this lovely "Cathedral Window" Pincushion with a square of my beloved Parisville fabric. I love that shade of teal with it!

4.5" picushion

Quick and easy pattern through the Moda Bake Shop. Have your iron hot for this one! I'm amazed that this pattern takes a 10.5" square of fabric (the teal) and turns it into the window frame. It's beautiful though, I'm looking forward to making another one... some day.

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