Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Finished Jewel Box Quilt

My house has been in an uproar for the past month, plus the little girl is sleeping less in the morning than she used to. These things lead to a reduced amount of sewing time for me. So, even though I feel like I should have been able to finish quilting and binding the Jewel Box Quilt a month ago - well you know what they say about even the best laid plans...

So here it is!
Finished "Jewel Box" Quilt, 60" X 60"

 I took a short cut at the end that I never thought I would. I wanted to use the backing fabric for binding the quilt rather than solid using solid black, but I had used up all of my yardage for the backing.

Michael Miller's Apothecary Bottles

I used a trick I had come across on Pinterest (big shocker, I know). I pulled the backing up and folded it over to make the quilt binding. (Instructional Here)

It's a quick finish, but not as clean as I would typically prefer. This quilt has gone from almost being a donation item, to a UFO, to taking pride of place on the family room couch. Though, Hubby complains its not big enough and I told him he need to learn how to make himself one that is big enough.

Have you started a project hating it and end up loving it? 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

So Little Time to Sew

My big brother came out to visit from Nebraska for my mom's birthday over the weekend through yesterday. As you might imagine, I wanted to spend as much time as I could with him. This doesn't leave much time for sewing. What little time I did have I spent on quilting my Jewel Box quilt. 

Satin stitching around the Log Cabin medallion center.
Trace quilting other blocks.

I tend to forget how much "fun" it is to quilt a large project on my home machine... shove, pull, stuff, roll... we all know the game! I'm hoping to finish this up soon so I can get started on the quilt for my niece. I've dawdled enough that I'm down to two month for the whole thing. Whoops! Let's see if I can pull a rabbit from a hat on that one.